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Cool or What?

e Langley Virtual Assistant    OfficeHounds Had to share this sent to me by my friend. I can just see our Hounds ears flapping in the breeze. Awesome. Mags,   Don't bother getting a car - get a motorbike and sidecar for the pups        Harley, the sidecar St Bernard, wears safety equipment adapted by his owner Continue reading the main story Related Stories Facelift for sore-eyed St Bernard A motorbiking couple have come up with a novel way to transport their dog around Peterborough. Harley, a 17-month-old St Bernard who does not like being left home alone, accompanies Alan and Tina Valkeith in the sidecar of their Honda Goldwing. The couple bought the bike as Harley would not fit in their car - a two-door Jaguar - and adapted a helmet, harness, goggles and fluorescent jacket for him. They took Harley in when his previous owners could not cope with his size. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote When he hears the bike's engine he knows it's time to