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Whitstable powercut ct1 ct3 ct4 Update from power company

UK Power Networks Update 0854. Engineers are on their way to site to investigate the loss of supplies in this area. Incident: Underground cable fault Estimated Restoration Time: not yet known. I must say I am impressed with their text service. Efficient use of technology. Well done EDF energy. Now please get me back online quickly and I will forgive you for slowing me down and throwing my work plans out the window!

Revealed: the power behind dogs wagging tails for Bonio!

Had to share this for you dog lovers. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Bonio" < > Date: Aug 12, 2011 8:33 AM Subject: Revealed: the power behind dogs wagging tails for Bonio! To: < > If this newsletter does not display properly, click here   Dear Maggie   It's Bonio Time!   You may remember our recent survey to find the nation's favourite bonio time. Well now the results are in, and we can exclusively reveal that bonio time for the nation is between 8-9am.   In conducting the research, boffins also worked out just how much power is generated by all that excited tail wagging - the results are impressive! If we harnessed the power generated by Britain's 8 million wagging dog tails simultaneously, it'd be enough to do some fairly spectacular things, such as lifting a jumbo jet off the ground, powering e