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Video business news

20th Kent Property Market Report video review Click above to watch now. Watch the B2B South East Business Show video review... Watch now Captcha Studios officially launched earlier this year in Kent and is making a big impact... READ MORE Crowe Clark Whitehill climbs industry rankings... READ MORE Available space at Eureka Park, Ashford... Steve Loader talks to Tristram Gethin from Quadrant Estates. WATCH NOW Spookey goings on at Medway's Castles... Find out what's on as Halloween approaches. READ MORE The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce to host networking evening at Kent Science Park... READ NOW © 2011 Kent Business TV - All Rights Reserved This e-mail box is not monitored, do not reply to this email. If you have a

Pre-launch of That Social Media Thing at B2B South East

I am pleased to announce the pre-launch of our practical online learning materials from That Social Media Thing Limited. I have been working my socks off preparing learning materials designed to teach businesses how to use Social Media for business. Right now, I am writing this post on a train station waiting to go to the B2B South East exhibition near Gatwick. Just by sending a simple email, I can update a blog, my Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media accounts you might be less familiar with. These are the kinds of time saving tips you will learn with these learning materials. Because I am a qualified teacher from a family of teachers, I understand how people learn. I also understand how to design learning materials that will help you remember what you need. A workshop isn't the best mode of delivery when you are trying to learn to use technology. The workshop may be 'hands on' on the day, but you will be too busy catching up with work the day after to use your new ski

Unfair dismissal rule changes could save £6 million > Good news. What do you think?

Unfair dismissal rule changes could save £6 million Changes to unfair dismissal rules which could save nearly £6 million a year for British business have been announced by Business Secretary Vince Cable and Chancellor George Osborne. Today’s decision will see the qualification period for the right to claim unfair dismissal extended from one to two years. This will come into force on 1 April 2012. This is the latest development in the Government’s workplace reforms which aim to increase business confidence to take on more workers. Changes to the unfair dismissal rules follow the ‘Resolving Workplace Disputes’ consultation published in January this year which also proposed measures to encourage early resolution of disputes, the speeding up of the tribunal process and measures to tackle weak and vexatious claims. These combined proposals should see the number of unfair dismissal claims drop by around 2000 a year.

Let’s stop getting creative with the meaning of creative.

Let’s stop getting creative with the meaning of creative. via Daniel Priestley by Daniel Priestley on 7/20/11  If I told you I had created a cake, would you expect to be able to eat the cake? Of course you would, because the word created literally means “to bring something into being; to cause something to become real in the world; to make something happen”. It does not mean “to have an idea, to think up something or to think about how something might happen.” Therefor, if I told you I “created” a cake, you have every right to expect to see a cake on the bench.  The word creative originally meant “possessing the power to create” , ie: possesing the power to get something done. Lately however, it’s come to mean “possessing the power to think things up”. Regularly (enough for me to blog about it) I have people say to me “My problem is I never finish things because I’m too creative”. I’ve also had people say to me “I’m not very creative, but I’m very good at getting things do